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XenForo 1.x Recent Posts (1.5.1)

Feature rich recent posts widget that allows you display a list of your latest thread posts.

Compatible XF Versions: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

This Add-on allows you to display a list of recent posts in the forum sidebar (or all sidebars) or above/bellow the forum list. You can also embed it using Widget Framework.


  1. Set to display recent posts within x days
  2. Set the maximum posts to display
  3. Exclude forums (list with sellectable forums)
  4. Exclude threads by thread ID
  5. Set thread title length for both sidebar and forum
  6. Set to display user avatar
  7. Set to display user color
  8. Set to display thread prefix
  9. Set to display thread stats (views & replies)
  10. Set to display thread author (Forum list only)
  11. Set to display thread date (Forum list only)
  12. Set to display post excerpt
  13. Set post excerpt length for both sidebar and forum
  14. Set to display forum name
  15. Set display position (Sidebar Top, Sidebar Below Visitor Panel, Sidebar Bottom, Above Forum List, Below Forum List, Custom - For Widget Framework integration)
  16. Set to display on all sidebars (members, conversations, etc)
  17. Enable cache (to improve performance if you have a very busy board)
  18. Cache refresh time (Seconds)
  19. Set to use "nofollow" for post links
  20. Set to highlight unread posts (does not work with cache enabled)
  21. Set to link thread title to first unread post instead of last post (does not work with cache enabled)
  22. Enable "Show More" button to dynamically load more posts
  23. Enable Preview Tooltip
  24. Node view permissions are taken into consideration
  25. User Permissions
  1. To see the demo, please click here.

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License includes 12 months of updates and support.

After this period, you can renew your license for 2.99 EUR to get new updates and support for additional 12 months.

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Release Date: 27 March 2015
Last Update: 24 January 2019