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XenForo 2.x Point Redeem (1.0.2)

Users can redeem their trophy points for something else or donate them to each other.

This add-on can add utility to trophy points where users can redeem their trophy points for something else or donate their trophy points to other members.

Redeem options
Allows you to create various redeem options for users where you can set custom redeem rates with custom user fields, point redeem limit, user redeem limit, redeem type.

Redeem request fields
Allows you to create custom fields used when users initiate a redeem request for their trophy points.

Redeem requests
View and process redeem requests.

Points donations
View trophy points donations between members.

Admin options
Enable trophy point donation link in thread posts
Point redeem button FA icon

Users can view their trophy points and a redeem button in a sidebar widget on forum list page.

A link to their redeem requests has been added to the visitor menu. There they can view the status of their requests.

Users will receive alert notifications when they get a donation or when their redeem has been completed.

Both redeem requests and donations are user permission based.

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License Agreement

License includes 12 months of updates and support.

After this period, you can renew your license for 9.99 EUR to get new updates and support for additional 12 months.

Please read the entire License Agreement here.


Release Date: 16 March 2022
Last Update: 17 May 2023