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XenForo 2.x Ads Manager 2 Lite (1.3.1 (XF 2.3.x Only) )

The power of Ads Manager 2 without the advertiser features.

Ads Manager 2 Lite has everything that Ads Manager 2 has except the options that allows you to sell ads and promo threads.

You can upgrade your license to Ads Manager 2 anytime by paying the difference but you won't be able to upgrade the lite version installation to the complete version, as they are not compatible.

You can however, import ads and packages from the lite version to the complete version.

Buy Ads Manager 2 Lite

29.99 EUR

License Agreement

License includes 12 months of updates and support.

After this period, you can renew your license for 14.99 EUR to get new updates and support for additional 12 months.

Please read the entire License Agreement here.


Release Date: 14 February 2019
Last Update: 08 July 2024