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  • J
    Part -2

    Also would want to remove your Branding

    I will install it myself. i read your server requirements and all is good.

    Please provide any discounts codes if required during checkout and forward payment link and then, download link and Key code if needed.

    Thank you, James
    Ads Manager it's a XenForo app which doesn't work without it. You can embed ads outside of XenForo using the embed feature. So if you have XenForo and Wordpress for example, you can place ads on Wordpress using the embed mode.

    Resource Manager is not required.
    It doesn't have any branding.
    Hello, I am ready to purchase your Ads Manager for use on my php website or does it only work for Xenforo - confusing

    The 49.99 Button on xenforo Is not active.

    latest version ?

    Is the "Resource Manager required or does it enhance some features of the Ads Manger? and will it work with php?

    PART -1

    Thanks, James
    I need help with creating a node category/forum with title "Featured". I want to be able to move selected members post to this forum without the posts leaving their original category. The idea is just to let visitors find interesting posts on the forum quickly before moving round the categories. When a user click on a featured post, it takes them back to the original post.

    Are you interested in helping with this?
    I'm sorry, I have my hands full.
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